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China is expected to further substantial growth in exports mold

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  HC plastic mesh News: Due to Chinese manufacturers invested heavily in production technology to produce more sophisticated products to meet the growing international market demand, so China is expected to further substantial growth in exports mold.
  Asiamold With its close ties with the international market, Suzhou Wu Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou, Seoul laser rapid prototyping Co., Ltd., a leading brand of mold provides the ideal platform to a broader range of potential customers to promote their expertise.
  Sixth Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition (Asiamold) will be held in China Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo in September 2012 from 19 to 21 days. The exhibition has been attracting many exhibitors from China, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Taiwan and the United States have been enrolled.
  This year the exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters of space across two exhibition halls, will showcase the molding and mold-related applications of various types of goods and services as well as high-end technology.
Sponsored by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt, said Deputy General Manager Mr. Liang Zhichao: positive reaction of exhibitors from the current point of view, the first session of the Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition is expected to achieve great success.
  China's booming economy and the manufacturing sector gave birth to a large number of advanced molding technology needs. To meet market demand, in 2012 the show will include four themed areas:
  Automotive mold and engineering area
  Leading brands such as ChristianKarlSiebenwurstGmbh & Co.KG, Foshan margin hardware Plastic Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, Al-Qaeda-plastic touch with Limited, Shenzhen Mei Nie Hardware Products Co., Ltd. and Dongguan cause of Mould Co., Ltd., will provide a variety of mold programs to address the corresponding auto parts production problems. Electronic product design and mold area
  China's electronics industry accounted for 10% of annual GDP, in 2010 netting 16.21 billion by 2015, the market is expected to increase by up to $ 26.34 billion. Therefore, this new area will provide a new platform for exhibitors to showcase the high level of technical precision molds.
  Metal Processing Zone
  Zhongshan New Lung-Saw Ltd., Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd. Saw Branch and Shenzhen Tongfa Laser Equipment Co., these leading brands will showcase a series of metal-cutting machine tools, metal materials, automotive and transportation control components products.
  Asian foundry and die casting industry zone
  This area for the first time jointly organized with the World Trade Expo Ltd, the special exhibit die-casting equipment, industrial furnace technology and raw materials.


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