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Engineering plastic molds for hexagonal slope

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  Baoding hexagonal slope mold plastic mold factory Lee Chang (MGA: 13831200409 micro letter: 13831200409 [Toshimasa mold, quality assurance]) hexagonal slope plastic mold is specialized applications on the highway a hexagonal slope mold, highway construction is now also very important because the increase in private cars, resulting in many people prefer to travel by car, which shows the importance of the highway, so the construction of the highway is very important, and the highway hexagonal slope mold becomes important to follow . Produced annually highway hexagonal slope mold be applied to large and small roads, small figure reflects a huge role, it became the benchmark for a truly harmonious. Highway hexagonal mold slope is mainly used for display in the street, so you can play the role of a boundary, so that people and vehicles can be more convenient carrying when traveling, and some green areas will require the use of highway hex slope mold, which can be well protected and the number of green lawn, to prevent people from trampling.
  Plastic hexagonal slope mold in the production process may encounter various problems, the biggest one is the production of plastic mold faster, there is no fixed measure after production because of plastic thermal expansion and contraction, leading to newly produced plastics After cold-pour mold easily deformed indeed special, so it's best after each plastic mold production, with the characteristics of the hob immediately, or call solidification frame fixed in the mold, so that the production of plastic mold is easily deformed, and produced The mold is particularly beautiful, especially one looks straight, not bent place, this issue requires attention, a lot of plastic molds are particularly vulnerable to distortion, not to say that the manufacturer of the problem, but the inherent properties of the plastic, many manufacturers did not It notes that, so it leads to distortion problems.


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